Palma SEO Services Offered

I offer my clients a variety of services, including website design, database migration and customization, website hosting, SEO consultation/setup, internet presence establishment/cleanup, search engine disaster cleanup, website analytics setup, botched installation fixup, and online advertising implementation.

Website Design and Implementation

I implement websites using drupal, as well as other customizable website systems.  I have experience with dozens of customized database-backed websites, beginning with my work at ten years ago, through the present.  (In addition to Drupal, I also have experience with OpenRealty, osDate, and have also built websites from scratch with html, php, css, and even perl/cgi.)  I am happy to provide you with a quote for your proposed website.  For guidelines on my prices, see the Package Specials page.

Database Migration and Customization

I have worked with several companies migrating from internal databases (filemaker, customized mysql, among others) to web-based systems, making their data available over the internet both for their internal use and to the public.  Do you have an antiquated system you'd like to bring up to date with the latest technologies? I can help you to do this customized work. 

Website Hosting

I offer website hosting as an option for my clients, at a lower price than they can find elsewhere thanks to sharing a common server with my other clients.  The setup is secure, and I include daily backups in my hosting packages.  The hosting provider where I have my server is For clients who prefer to host their sites with another provider, I am happy to assist in setup or to work with a setup already in place.

SEO Consultation / Setup

I keep up with the advances in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.  I work purely on a white-hat SEO basis (here is a medium-length article I recommend to understand white hat and black hat SEO).  In short, being a white-hat SEO guy means that I will help your site to be well-organized for presentation to readers, and also easily understood by search engines.

Website Analytics Setup

I have experience with several website analytics setups, including google analytics, and piwik.  I can help you to set up an analytics package so that you understand who is accessing your site, how they get to your site, and whether your online/offline marketing campaigns are effective.

Internet Presence Establishment/Cleanup

Would you like to establish an internet presence for yourself or your company, but are not sure how to do so in an appropriate way?  Blog? Twitter? Facebook? Website? I can help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these options so that you can make an informed choice and claim your niche of the internet before someone else does.

Or have you found that you or your company is the subject of less-than-flattering comments on a blog or website?  I can help you to understand some of the options available to you, to understand whether to formulate a response (and if so how).  I can also help you to understand some of the basic legal issues involving copyright and/or defamation.  While I am not a lawyer and cannot offer legal counsel for specific issues, I do understand the overall issues and trends and can help you to frame your questions so that you and your attorney can answer them.

Search Engine Disaster Cleanup

Do you believe that you may have been penalized by a search engine?  This happens to sites all the time, because the search engines have computers that attempt to penalize sites that look (to a computer) like spam.  I can help you to identify what you (or a previous programmer) might have done that triggered the penalty, and I can help you to fix the problems and get back into the top ranks of the search engines.

Botched Installation Fixup

If you yourself, or one of your employees, or even your website provider, has broken your website, I can fix it.  Call me immediately toll-free at 1-877-345-4742 (outside US/Canada 415 691 6157 or skype pedrochristopher) and if I can find the time to fix your site, I will give you a quick estimate or quote to fix the problem or finish the installation.

Online Advertising Implementation

I have implemented several online advertising systems for my clients.  The crown jewel of these is google adwords; however, in some specific instances I have also used other advertising solutions. It is easy and important to spend money with adwords or another system to get traffic to your site.  The challenge is to make sure that your advertising is effective.  Over several months of trials with adwords, I can help you to find the right combination of keywords that bring you the customers who you actually want.