Is A Yahoo Directory Link Worth It?

Link-building experts are sometimes confused about the guidelines for links -- supposedly, any link that "is paid" should "be nofollowed" which supposedly indicates that the link should not "pass pagerank".  And if you are "caught" by "Google" "buying" or "selling" "reputation" through "links" then you may be penalized by Google in any of a variety of ways, like a pagerank devaluation (for instance).  

And yet, the Yahoo Directory charges about $300 to list your site for one year with a real, follow link.  Google argues that this is not a paid link, however, because the fee is not refundable if the link is rejected.  It is interesting indeed.  Link-building experts wonder whether the yahoo link is worth what they are charging.  Of course, nobody knows.

On one of my sites, I recently did pay the $300.  Yahoo came through and posted the site in a full follow link to their directory.  Look back over the past 6 weeks, it does appear that the number of pages crawled daily by Googlebot has increased considerably (which presumably is related to more trust/page rank for the site).  However, I have no way to know for sure whether this was due to the Yahoo link, or due to the rollout of Google's Caffeine.  The date this site was added to the Yahoo Directory was March 20.

pages crawled by googlebot


By the way, on another note, this is the graph from Google webmaster tools.  If you look at the left edge, it appears that there was a huge number of pages crawled in early February.  Actually, these were not crawled by the normal spider, but by the adsense bot.  Google's simple graph in webmaster tools can be misleading if you believe there is just one googlebot.  There are many.  In early February, I turned off the adsense for this domain, which explains the drastic reduction in the pages crawled around February 10th.  The later increases were due to a different factor, however, because I have not turned that adsense functionality back on.