Package Specials

I offer a few package specials to clients who prefer to work on a package price, rather than hourly.  I can often also quote a price for a specific project if it does not fit with one of our packages.


Basic Drupal-Based Website

Drupal is a "Content Management System" (CMS) that allows a user to create a site with multiple pages that have a common theme (look and feel).  To see a selection of thousands of existing drupal sites, visit  Every drupal website has a theme that sets up the the fonts, colors, menus, and background. To create a "theme" from scratch takes dozens or hundreds of hours of work.  Luckily, hundreds of existing themes are freely-available. If you can find an existing drupal theme that requires little or no customization to meet your needs, it makes it possible to setup a high quality website at a low cost.  You can browse through the freely-available drupal themes at  If you find one you like, you're in luck.

A good website also requires digital images and text describing you or your business.  Do you have 5-10 pages of text and at least 10 images (logos, products, locations, personal photos, etc)? If you already have this text, and logo/photos as appropriate, you're in luck.

I can set up a fully-functional drupal site with 5-15 pages for you, based on your text and images. It will have a "user login" page where you can log in later on your own to make changes or add additional pages.  I will install and customize the drupal theme as required, install basic SEO functionality (text-based URLs), create the pages and format the text, and photoshop the images.

I can complete this setup in about three days of work.  At my normal rate of $100 per hour, this 20 hours of work would be $2000.

In addition to the setup of the website, I am also able to offer one year of website hosting included in my package price. 

Finally, I can offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

I am currently offering this package for the recession special price of only $1000. - based on availability

Remember, this price only applies if an existing drupal theme matches your needs and you have the text/images/logo as required.  If I have to find appropriate images (for example from iStockphoto or public domain clip art sources), that's extra - so either spend the time yourself to gather appropriate images, or be prepared to discuss an additional fee for gathering those images.  In addition, the price of your domain name registration for your website (around $10) is not included.


More Complex Customized Drupal Sites

The Drupal software includes modules such as guestbook, user pages, image galleries, forums, blogs, google map integration, adwords integration, analytics integration with piwik or drupal. Most of these modules can be implemented as add-ons to your basic drupal package for a price of $100 each.  However, I am currently offering a recession special price of five additional modules for $300.  To browse available modules, visit this module directory at or the alphabetical list.

Additional Drupal Modules


Custom Consultation / Troubleshooting / Setup

My hourly rate is $100 .  I am currently offering a recession special discount of 20% off.  The minimum incriment is 1/4 hour. You can also use this payment option to pay for miscellaneous expenses like photos I purchase for your site. Set the quantity in the shopping cart to match the correct number of hours.

Custom Consultation / Miscellaneous Expenses