How to Get a Copy of Open Realty Running on Your Local Machine For Development

I'm setting up a website using Open Realty, to be a real estate website.  I'm hosting it with, but in order to do development I want to have a duplicate copy hosted on my Vista laptop using my local apache, local mysql, so that I can edit with CS3 Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

First, apache, php, and mysql have to be set up properly.  Since I already have these set up, it required minimal work to add another local website. I just had to add these lines to httpd.conf of my apache installation. 

Listen 8087
 DocumentRoot "c:/users/peter/Documents/peter-sharedfiles/peterchristopher-www/"

Then I downloaded a dump of the mysql database from the server, started up a mysql window on windows, and typed "source c:/download/mysqldump-openrealty.sql"  The way I have my local mysql set up is that I have just one local database, and all my different sites have their own prefixes.  So, since the open realty site has the "pre_" prefix (I had set that in the original configuration) I knew I wouldn't overwrite anything by just sourcing the file.  You should probably make a habit to always do the same thing when you set up your CMSs. If you don't have a database set up locally, create one before you source the file, obviously.

After that I had to make a few changes in the database so that the configuration would run properly locally.

sql statements for openrealty configuration

After that, I made a few changes to the common.php file to have the proper configuration for my local database:

    $db_user = "root";
    $db_password = "rootpass";
    $db_database = "localmysqldb";
    $db_server = "localhost";

That was it.  For safety sake, I set the permissions on my common.php file on the main server to be "444" so that they would never be over-written by my local copy on ftp updates.