Installing Flash Video Chat With Your Own Chat Server or p2p

I've recently been learning about video chat for one of my sites.  Although Adobe is in the process of making p2p video chat widely available, by making it (RTMFP/Stratus) part of the nearly-ubiquitous Flash 10 standard (see adobe developer portal), it appears there are no good solutions for peer-to-peer video chat yet, so I'm now in the process of setting up a chat server on my dedicated centos linux box, and associated chat software to run it.  I'm going to use this page to record both my notes for the chat server and the flash chat software (which may eventually include helpful tips for a p2p based solution).

The first step for the server-based chat software solution is to install red5, which is the open-source chat server.  Unfortunately, it requires java, so that has to be installed also.  One recent tutorial on installing red5 is here and an older one is here.  For some reason, the java download is so complicated.  In my case, I ended up downloading a few different installations which didn't work ("could not find the libstdc++") before I found the jdk-6u16-linux-i586-rpm.bin file, which did work.

Update - January 1, 2010 - After employing some developers from india to write the flash portion of a custom video chat ap ("oh, the 15 days to launch are consecutive days??"), I've finally got an alpha version running live.  red5 works ok - once I realized that the rtmp:// string had to include oflaDemo (ie rtmp:// -- and it appears to have some ongoing configuration issues that I haven't resolved yet because for this peer to peer chat I do not want the video saved at all, just replayed quickly to the other user, whereas red5 by default is saving the videos also.