How to Set Drupal FCKEditor Role Precedence Order for Users And Multiple Profiles

fckeditor global settings precedence dialog

I recently found that one of my users (an authenticated user and trusted user, but not a moderator) was using <H5> and <div> for all his text, instead of normal (<p>).  This may have looked good in FCKeditor, but my input filters are configured such that all <Hx> tags except H2 are removed, and <div> comes out with the wrong font.  So I fixed the FCKeditor "basic" profile that is used by all authenticated and trusted users, removing the <Hx> (except leving H2, p, and pre). 

But unfortunately, then my user account (with moderator role) also had the same restrictions.  So the first thing was to clone the FCKeditor "standard" profile, and make a "privileged" one, with the extra options for the moderator.  But even after doing this, the FCKeditor text format options still did not include the full set for the moderator.

No search engine explained what to do, and the drupal FCKeditor page (and the FCKeditor drupal page) both left me without a solution.  Finally I found it.  I had to set the role precedence in the FCKEditor's Global Settings.  In my case, I had to reverse 3 and 4 in the precedence string shown.  Depending on your roles, you may have to do something slightly different.  But it worked!