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SERP Changes the next day... Home Page Takes Over

The next morning, the home page appeared in the SERP - at the top, usurping the sub-page.  Interestingly, by the evening, our page from the day before had disappeared!!  Explanation below the pictures.

6 AM Google SERP Home Page Present

4 PM Google Search Results Home Page Present Subsequent Page Gone

The disappearance of the "Some Musings" sub-page shows that in fact google had briefly considered the page important enough to store in some "new" server aspect of its SERP-creation data centers. But either due to the 1-day age of the page, or the reduced number of hits, that page was lowered in importance, lowered so much it was flushed from the "new and important" section and so disappeared from the SERPs entirely. 

Will the home-page stay there for good?  My bet is yes, that because it is the site's home-page, that it won't be disappear... we'll keep watching!


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