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Be Careful With Clicksor: Their Javascript Embeds Links Even If You Only Add a Banner

Sun, 05/03/2009 - 00:03 - peter | |

I recently set up a clicksor account, because I wanted to be able to compare google adsense revenue with a competitor.  This was my first time with clicksor.  I submitted the site through the standard review process, and I clearly indicate in the "get my javascript embed code" check list that I did not want any of their in-text features or pop-up features - just the banner.  Unfortunately, as soon as I installed the banner code, my site was also peppered with intext-links.  I did a quick search, and noticed that I wasn't the only one who came across the problem.  Here's another example of clicksor gone wrong.  I won't be using Clicksor as long as their modus operandi is based on tricking the users and maliciously inserting javascript functionality that embeds advertising inlinks I didn't approve.  It's probably fraud, but in any case, I just won't use it and will move on to another option.

Another related question is whether these types of inlinks are against google's quality guidelines - ie, will you get a google penalty if your site has these types of advertisements?  My opinion is that it doesn't matter what a lawyer will say about the quality guidelines.  What is important is what Matt Cutts says.  And Matt Cutts says that you have to think about what your users want - what provides the best experience for the users?  Whether google's algorithm or manual penalizers will whack your site for it right away - or whether your readers will just avoid your site and you won't get links -  doesn't matter.  Your users want to clearly see and know which links you recommend; they don't want to have automatic link insertions that confuse them. 


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