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I've decided to change my

I've decided to change my local install to multisite for the same reason, my configuration is this:
- wamp 2.0 with windows xp,
- my site's image and css are under /sites/files

so this is what I did:
1) changed the Administer > Site configuration > File system to /sites/ppe/files (previously it was pointing to /sites/default/files)
2) put D6 offline
3) updated the tables as instructed above (adjusting the file path of course, but oddly my files table is empty, showing 0 records, could it be? I assume I'm supposed to update the table in ppe, which is the table I created for my site, right? Sorry for this dumb question, I'm new to this). Even if I did not update the table, I should be able to see my site, right? I just won't be able to see the links to my images.
3) moved dir from /sites/default ==> /sites/newdomain (including settings.php then removed default dir as recommended)
4) brought D6 back online
5) went to localhost
and got the install page instead of my homepage.

Am I missing something here? Seems D6 did not recognize the new path in File system. Is there any other place that I have to change?

ps: D6 is still in the same location (/www/), I did not move it.

Thanks in advance,


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