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setting permissions


I'll try to describe more clearly.  First of all - my comments are deliberately vague because setting the permissions properly depends on your installation and userbase.  Are you the only "authenticated user" on your site?  If so, there is no need to add any other user class, just use "authenticated user".  The reason this is so important is because if you allow anyone else to run php code, they can easily destroy your entire site, either maliciously, or by mistake.  You have to be very careful to only allow yourself and very trustworthy and competent programmers to have "php" permission.  If you do have many other users, you do need a separate "administrative" class to administer blocks containint php code.

Assuming you've gotten that figured out - also don't forget as well to set the "input format" of the block you created to be "php" format.

If it's still not working, tell me more details of your system and we can troubleshoot it further.



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