Check Out The State of Drupal Address by Dries From March 2009

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If you're interested to vegetate in front of the monitor for an hour and get a little perspective on Drupal today and going forward, check out this presentation from the Boston Drupalcon this past March 2009.   The speaker, Dries,  is the top guy in Drupal, just as Linus is the top guy for Linux.  As you can see, Dries has a great ability to be understand the technical and personal aspects of the collaborative project.  Thanks to his leadership and the contributions of thousands of others, Drupal is a robust content management system that a small or large business or individual can use to create a vibrant and reliable internet site.

How To Setup Drupal RSS Feed With FeedBurner and Adsense

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Having a website is great.  Publishing useful content is great.  Unfortunately, some people don't want to go to your great website for that content: they prefer to aggregate it in their rss reader, like google reader, NewsGator, etc, or in their email -something also supported by feedburner.  "RSS Feeds", remember, are updates on the latest posts on your website.

Installing Vista Service Pack 1 on Gateway cx210x Convertible Laptop With Upgraded Hard Drive, Linux, and Error 0x800F0826

Fri, 04/10/2009 - 08:36 - peter | |

When I first tried to install Vista Service Pack 1 almost a year ago, it failed with error code 0x800F0826 - I was not sure whether this was because my laptop had an upgraded hard-drive (160gb instead of the OEM 80gb), or because of my linux first partition with grub boot loader, or because of any of the multiple reasons that people had identified in association with that error code on the internet.

Networking Vista and XP: Steps I Had to Take

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We recently did some work on my wife's computer, including upgrading to XP SP3.  I also wanted to get my home network functioning properly as desired as well.  I don't usually write about windows, and probably won't write about windows again for some time: I don't have bad feelings about windows, because it usually works, but it's just not my main professional area of expertise.

Fixing osDate captcha

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If you've installed osDate, one of the first things you notice is that the captcha is very difficult to read.  It's simply overkill.  This stops bots from signing up, but it also stops many users.  The captcha should be made much easier.  Luckily, it's easy to fix the problem.

Open the file captcha/SecurityImage.php and make the following changes (feel free to make your own modifications as well, but if so test extensively).  

At line 23, change the array of allowable characters to include only the easily-distinguishable characters:

Change Open Realty URLs to Remove .html Suffix

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It is possible to change the URLs on your Open Realty installation to remove the .html suffix.  In fact, it's simple.  Here's how. I assume you are already running a working version of Open Realty and have set SEO urls on in the config control panel and have that working.

First of all, you need to modify a core file, which means that you are potentially creating a more troublesome upgrade experience should you choose to upgrade your installation in the future. (See pbflash's comment here) So, what's the file? 

Multiple H1 Tags and Drupal

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I've always worked hard with my drupal theme designs to make sure that each page has just one <h1> tag.  The front page should have the site title wrapped with <h1>s, and the other pages should have the page title wrapped with <h1>s (maybe having the site title in a large - but non H-tag - element).

Often, drupal themes as distributed require some hacking to make this work.  Unless a specific check is done in the processing for the site-title in the header section - to check whether a page is the home page - multiple H1 tags are likely. Zen has one way of doing this that I more or less follow; some other themes do it differently; some themes don't do it at all (and need hacking).

Does Using Google Toolbar Give Google Information That Will Give You A Site Penalty?

Wed, 03/11/2009 - 17:59 - peter | |

I recently received this email:


I read a recent thread of yours.  You seem extremely well-informed and I was wondering if you could be so kind to answer this quick question as I don't know where to turn for an answer.

How to Get a Copy of Open Realty Running on Your Local Machine For Development

Sat, 02/14/2009 - 20:48 - peter | |

I'm setting up a website using Open Realty, to be a real estate website.  I'm hosting it with, but in order to do development I want to have a duplicate copy hosted on my Vista laptop using my local apache, local mysql, so that I can edit with CS3 Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

First, apache, php, and mysql have to be set up properly.  Since I already have these set up, it required minimal work to add another local website. I just had to add these lines to httpd.conf of my apache installation. 

How to Set Drupal FCKEditor Role Precedence Order for Users And Multiple Profiles

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fckeditor global settings precedence dialog

I recently found that one of my users (an authenticated user and trusted user, but not a moderator) was using <H5> and <div> for all his text, instead of normal (<p>).  This may have looked good in FCKeditor, but my input filters are configured such that all <Hx> tags except H2 are removed, and <div> comes out with the wrong font.  So I fixed the FCKeditor "basic" profile that is used by all authenticated and trusted users, removing the <Hx> (except leving H2, p, and pre).