About Peter Christopher

Peter Christopher

Palma SEO is your solution provider for website implementation. I'm Peter Christopher, and I'm your provider.  The name Palma comes from my wife's maiden name (Palma) which means palm in Spanish, and SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization - getting your site recognized by search engines in the way it deserves.  I specialize in drupal installation and search engine optimization consultation.  My clients are primarily in the continental United States. I live and work in Hawaii.

What I Do For Clients

I consult with them on website implementation, implement the websites using drupal and SEO-friendly practices, test and launch the services on a reliable schedule. All at a very reasonable price.  I often enjoy brief consultations to address specific problems that other developers have failed to fix, including website performance, drupal ajax, emergency repairs, and even simply search result page disappearances.

Some Of My Websites

Some of the websites I've built are:

http://christian-filipina.com - (*)


http://central-america-forum.com - (*)

http://philippines-living.com - (*)


http://peterchristopher.com - (*)

http://palma-seo.com - (*)


I've also contributed to slots dot com, http://digitalcore.com, http://rockpeaks.com, http://americanlocker.com, and many more. (* - mark sites my wife and I own personally)

Other Engineering Work

Over the past few years, I've also done some off-the-internet engineering work. In particular, I was part of a C++ development team for an artificial intelligence project for a San Francisco startup, Metascopic, Inc.